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Apr 1, 2013:
Don't Forget The Staples! (the movie) is released

Aug, 2011:
Meeting (the movie) is released

Feb, 2011:
Doors (the movie) got a new website!

Nov, 2010:
BerezinFilm blog updates
New thread: reviews of movies I've watched

Jul 31, 2010:
Music Pills #1 & #2
From TV Studio workshop in Russia

May 15, 2010:
Jake's Game (movie)
24 hour film race project

What's Up

Hi There!

In place of a disclaimer. When people ask me to tell something about myself, I'm usually drawing a blank. Not that I have nothing to say - actually, quite the contrary, I don't know where to begin. So, I figured, I'll begin with this very "disclaimer".

Same thing with "what do you do?". I mean, what do I do for earning a living, for personal fulfillment, for fun, for pleasure, or what? Ok, I do many things, and what you'd expect to be a simple answer - just look at the menu and the links on the left. Go figure. I guess, I've been a scientist, a software engineer, a web developer, a podcast producer and publisher, a filmmaker, a photographer, a dancer, a martial artist… Follow the links if you want to know more.

Perhaps, I could've also started with the reason this page exists in the first place. Of course, one reason is to have my face up there, so more people can learn about me. Pretty selfish, I know. Get over it. Another is to provide a landing page to those who search my name in Google, in the hope of getting in touch with me, or to check what I'm up to these days (and yes, it does come up first in the search!). And finally, it is a place for me to brag about my favorite topic of the day.

And on top of all (like it wasn't enough), it's really cool to have a domain name matching my own. So, here I am. Enjoy!

Sergey Berezin